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My name is Mandy Cruz. First and foremost, I appreciate you visiting my website! As a licensed massage therapist of over 10 years and specialized in a variety of massage forms, I must have you proceed with caution. I have been known to administer large doses of relaxation. =) Read on and make a selection! I have a little something for EVERYONE to choose from. 

For my mommies to be, your little one may not have shown their sweet face to the world yet, which is where prenatal massage comes in. I call this specialty a two for one bargain because not only does your unborn baby receive benefits, mommy does too! Prenatal massage is not only good for relaxation, it is great for your well-being and health as a whole!


Once your sweet angel is born, feel free to contact me for your post partum massage. During this time, we can consult on a massage appointment for your baby or I can

schedule a class to teach you how to massage on your own!

Pediatric massage/massage for children with cancer is a bit different as you can imagine. Little ones are not always looking for a relaxed setting with calm music. As a matter of fact, it can be quite the opposite, depending on your child. Please contact me for details on this beautiful and bonding massage. My pediatric massage education was bestowed upon me by world-renowned, Tina Allen, founder and executive director of the Liddle Kidz Foundation in San Francisco, California. If you are interested in learning more about pediatric massage or massage for children with cancer, please continue to browse my website for information and link. 

Looking for a relaxing gift for you or someone you know? Look no further, I can help! Do you need those knots out of your shoulder or a good nights sleep? Maybe you're just stressed out and need to unwind. Contact me ASAP for relief through massage!! (Couple massages available)

Having a party, baby shower, bridal shower or general get-together and want to make it as extra as possible? Do you run a business and looking to treat your staff to some chair massage sessions? I got you! Group chair massages available!

Chair Massage is a seated, usually 10 - 15 minute massage, with a focus on the neck, shoulders, and back. Great for a swift rejuvenation! For corporate it helps with better productivity! What staff member wouldn't appreciate this gift?! 

Now offering stop & go chair massages! Can't leave work to get a massage? Too busy once you get home? Maybe you can't leave your house? Call for a stop & go! I will go to your home or office for a 30 min massage! 

I truly hope you have enjoyed what you read about the options available. I have included some family photos so you can see a little more into my life and who I am. (click the "My Family" tab above) I am happy to help all, but being a parent brings an indescribable type of joy to the heart. This feeling is what ignited my drive to give a little extra assistance for my mommies to be and kiddos in need of a little extra TLC, hence the name, "Snug as a Bug". Hope to hear from you soon!

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