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What can I expect when my child has a massage?


A massage will greatly differ from that of an adults. 

Different positioning, shorter time, pressure, no disrobing, possible singing/playing and most importantly, permission. Your little ones voice is taken very seriously. Some children do not always understand that they have a right to disagree with an adult who has come to provide treatment so if they say no, we can at that point discuss the next option. Your youngster will also choose their desired positioning. They can lay or sit up. Very young children may prefer to be held by a parent, especially if they are shy and have never received a massage before. In general, most pediatric massage is performed fully clothed, so draping is not an issue when considering positioning. When working with younger children, massages that last 30 minutes may be the best fit for their attention span. I will not extend that time. Children can only sit still for so long and I will not pressure or add stress to the environment, as I am trying to have them warm up to me to make for more comfortable future massages. 

Benefits of pediatric massage

Helps your child sleep better

Decreases cramps and achy muscles due to growing pains 

Reduces pain due to injury or strenuous activity (e.g. sports)

Relieves discomfort of constipation, gas and colic

Assists in reducing anxiety and depression

Improves sensory awareness

Provides a better sense of health and well-being



Acute infections    

Recent Surgery


Open Sores



Undiagnosed lumps or bumps   


Contagious Disease   

Heart disease/problems

Most important of all is, “WHEN BABY SAYS NO”.

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