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Infant massage class

The mother who realizes the benefits she received after getting her own massages during pregnancy, will also want to extend those great benefits to her child. 

Strengthen that special bond between you and your baby through a massage class! Massage helps to maintain healthy growth and development, while improving the functioning of your growing babies system. 

When infant massage is performed by the parents, there is improved interaction and bonding. Babies greet the parents with more eye contact, smiling, vocalizing, reaching responses and are more expressive.

Massage also gives fathers a chance to connect and interact with their child on a deeper level than the usual day-to-day fathering responsibilities. Fathers are encouraged to attend baby massage classes for that extra bonding which their little ones crave. 

Massage helps baby:

  • Sleep better

  • Relieve gas/colic/constipation

  • Relax easier

  • Eat better

  • growing pains and muscular tension

  • The feelings of love and cherishment

  • Improves general well-being

  • Improves circulation

  • Enhances release of hormones that may assist in weight gain​

A few of the benefits for parents:

  • Helps parents to ease their stress if they are a working parent and must be separated from their children for extended periods during the day

  • Encourages pre-verbal communication between you and baby

  • Gives parents the tools for understanding their child's unique rhythms and patterns

  • Gives parents a special way to interact with their children who may be hospitalized. Helps parents feel a greater part of the healing process

  • Helps parents feel more confident and competent in caring for their children

What if I'm not the parent?

That's ok! This special bonding time is for anyone looking to spend special quality time with that special child in their life. There can never be enough love!!

(See pediatric massage tab for more details)

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